CrossFit Golfers

CrossFit and golf is a match made in heaven. That’s the opinion of local golf pro Janelle Smith after mentoring 3 young female CrossFitters through a 30min golf lesson. Smith explains that the physical strength and power, coupled with the flexibility you acquire through working out ‘CrossFit style’ is the perfect recipe for any aspiring golfer to perform well.

Sophie, Jordan and Bec from CrossFit Origin in Mayfield received a group golf lesson from Charlestown Golf Club’s pro Janelle Smith and blew the pro away with how quickly they adapted to the requirements of the basic golf swing. “It usually takes a lesson or two to adapt to moving your body in a way it hasn’t moved before and also putting some power behind those movements, but not for these girls. I think CrossFit has played a large part in that.”

The club’s general manager Joanna Mantle added, “It was exciting to see 3 young girls who have never picked up a club before to start smashing it down to the end of the practice fairway! I immediately started thinking of the untapped potential out there, particularly with the young girls”.

Charlestown Golf Club has been hugely successful in developing young talent and seeing them through to the world stage. Part of the reason may be the fact they run free golf lessons for young juniors and also have a diverse teaching staff in the husband and wife team of Ryan and Janelle.

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